Guest WiFi

WiFi Insights


Make an impression with a branded login page. Your customers only need to login once, then you'll receive real time information about their activity.


Generate powerful but effortless analytics. Forget headaches from staring at data, and enjoy simple, clear charts that show you the big picture.


Put the data to work. Attract loyalty by inviting customers back on their birthday, or offering them a free drink on their fifth visit. Keep them coming back for more.

WiFi Security


We’ll create two separate networks, one for your guests, and another for your business activity. Protect your private information, while still offering a safe network for your customers.


Confused by the new regulations? Don’t worry about it. All aspects of our service are in compliance with government standards, so you’ll be acting in accordance with the law when providing access to Guest WiFi.


Know the amount of data being used across your network at specific times. See how much data has been uploaded and downloaded on your network, and update your broadband plan accordingly.


See your guests’ activity on your network and control bandwidth speeds and limitations. Give fair access to everyone.

If you don't know them, you can't make them love you

WiFi Marketing


Increase likes, shares and reviews of your business. A quick login through Facebook encourages guests to broadcast to their friends and family that they’re visiting your venue.


We’ll create a custom login page with your logo and branding, that you’re free to change as much as you please.


Push email campaigns to your entire mailing list, or target segments depending on location, age or gender.

Asked Questions

Collect customer data faster through your Guest WiFi and run effective marketing campaigns. Boost your sales and increase customer loyalty

1. Capture information
Establish your brand through the login portal and ask questions to get to know your customers

2. Understand your customer
Visualise your customers age, preferences, locations and more! See if they are new or returning and how much they are worth, all in real-time

3. Social WiFi & Marketing Automation
Manage your online reputation. Increase online reviews. Generate customer loyalty and engagement.

No password needed
Customers login through the portal, they won't be able to use your WiFi until they've registered, either by email or social media connect like facebook

Serarate your networks
Two separate networks, one for your customers and another for your back office. Protect you business activity, whilst offering a safe network for your customers

Fair for everyone
See your guests data consumption on your network, allowing you to control bandwidth speeds and set limits to give fair access to your network users

The difference between sending a blanket mailshot to everyone on your mailing list and sending a targeted mailshot is significant. For example, if a customer usually visits your coffee shop every week, but hasn’t for a few weeks, you can automatically send them an email saying you missed them, and offering them a discount off their next purchase. Or, if a customer has recently stayed at your hotel, you can send them an email after they’ve left asking if their stay was good, and soliciting a review on TripAdvisor, Google or Facebook.

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