Managed IT for Mourik

Having been appointed to install a new phone system, the Gbiz service levels were so appreciated by Mourik that we were asked to take over all of the company’s IT support.

We selected and planned a new phone system using faster broadband instead of the old ADSL line. We installed a leased line for them, giving internet speeds of 100Mbps up and 100Mbps down.

Not only was this system more reliable and higher quality, it also had features that allowed Mourik to do new things.


  • Video conferencing was a seamless part of the system – highly valued by a company with its headquarters in Denmark.

  • With a new file storage system as part of Google Workspace, they could more easily collaborate, and share documents – bringing a more innovative feel to their work environment. This makes a huge difference to what they do.


Gbiz managed the migration of all existing server data to the new cloud storage system. With new server permissions, we have introduced enhanced security, and granularity of data, meaning that individuals access just what they need.  

This was all part of a wider transition from on-premises server to cloud server. It brought efficiency and security benefits across the business. 


The company is more efficient as all users, whether in one of the various offices around the world, or in the field, can access what they need, as if it was local to them.

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