Gbiz takes over IT support for two high-specification business parks

Gbiz takes over IT support for two high-specification business parks

Gbiz has won a contract to support the IT network for two Innovation Centres – one at Kirkleatham Business Park in Redcar and one at the Queens Meadow Business Park in Hartlepool. Both are managed by UKSE and provide serviced offices and industrial units with high-speed business-grade broadband. The centres comprise multiple office blocks and industrial units at each site.

Gbiz will be maintaining the network and supporting the provisioning and de-provisioning of tenants as they move in and out of units or grow into larger spaces. We will also manage wireless internet connectivity throughout the sites, ensuring that it’s comprehensive. All tenants and visitors will experience high-speed connections from wherever they may be across the site.

We manage a separate wireless network for each tenant which has the benefit of segregating their systems and devices whilst also working throughout the site over WIFI.  

The contract has gone extremely well. Highlights of our work so far include:

  • Maximised network speed for both uploads and downloads.

  • Configuration of routers and replacement of some equipment can make a significant difference. Monitoring and taking action ensures that everyone gets the full speed that’s available. 

  • Connecting tenants via a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) which enables remote (instant) provisioning and de-provisioning. Tenants can also connect to their dedicated network throughout the building. 

  • Resolved all support tickets within a short time – mostly same-day. 

  • Provided visibility of ticketing for the centre staff and area manager who can see issues across both sites. This allows them to understand the service level being delivered – all in real-time. 

Area Manager for UKSE, Sarah Thorpe said “Working with Gbiz means that the centre staff have confidence in the speed of resolution to any issues and the tenants really value the support – and the speed of internet connectivity. It’s not just what gets done but it’s the communication that goes with it. Gbiz acknowledge all contact straight away and the issues are then resolved promptly within the agreed timeline”

Gbiz is now looking for other similar contracts as it continues its growth in B2B IT support.

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