End Point Protection

Prevents Infections from drive by attacks eg. malicious banner adverts, infected email links or attachments and infected webpages

  • Ransomware
  • Financial trojans
  • Data leakage
  • Browser redirects
  • With additional 3rd party protection and deployment
Heimdal End Point blocks malicious internet traffic, protecting the PC against hackers, malware servers, infected domains and websites. Also, it prevents private data leakage. It automatically and silently patches Java, Adobe Flash, Quicktime and other software covering 99% of security critical apps.

End point will protect you from advanced malware, it takes care of threats before they make their way onto your system which is something that the standard antivirus doesn't do. It will constantly close vulnerabilities in your system and this will reduce the risk of a virus.

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End Point Protection
£ 5
per user per month
Infected Websites
Malicious Banner Adverts
Email Links