Hotspot Router

Personalised WIFI that will meet the needs of your business

Make your guest WiFi branded, beautiful and seamless for customers to login and you can’t go wrong. With our Hotspot Router, you can also customise your WiFi’s splash page to meet the needs of your business. Our social login feature makes it easier for your guests to get online quickly, whilst capturing valuable marketing data for your organisation.

What does it do?

  • Safe secure WiFi with social login for your venue
  • Beautifully branded splash page personalised for your business
  • Users details captured and stored for you to use in your marketing campaigns
  • Integrates with MailChimp, Mautic & Infusionsoft
  • Choose your own custom redirect or offers page to load after your guests login

How does it work?

We supply a HotSpot Router pre-installed with our firmware ready for you to connect to your existing broadband. All your branding is done through our web portal so it can be changed at any time, from anywhere.


We provide the hardware and ship it out to you for a one off cost


Simple monthly price to keep using the service