Virus Infections

The most common work we do is clean unwanted programs from your computer. We do all the cleanup work for a fixed price, and don't remove any of your files in the process.


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DC Jack Repairs

We can replace the charging socket on your laptop (known as a DC Jack) for a fixed price. We carry all the common sockets in stock so we're able to offer a fast turnaround.


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Memory Upgrade

Does your computer feel like its lagging behind? Most of the time its because it has insufficient amount of memory. Why not visit us and see if you could do with a memory upgrade?

Prices start from £25

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Screen Replacement

Got a broken screen? We can replace laptop screens from 8.9" to 17.0". A standard 15.6" screen replacement, including fitting with a same day service if we have the screen in stock


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SSD Upgrade

The best way of improving the speed of your computer is by replacing the hard drive with an SSD. An SSD is a hard drive made of memory chips instead of a mechanical spinning disc. 

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